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About Us

Kuriyama Australia Pty Ltd, as part of Kuriyama Holdings Corporation, is a leading organisation manufacturing and distributing a complete range of thermoplastic and rubber hose products and accessories including couplings and fire equipment, for use in industrial, commercial and firefighting applications.

With over three decades in the Australian market under the well-regarded name of Tipsa Australia, we move on to the future with the creation of Kuriyama Australia Pty Ltd, incorporating the “Kuriyama Value” and striving for a long-standing future, growth and development in the Asia Pacific region.

Since its foundation in Japan in 1939, the Kuriyama Group has had great success in rubber and industrial plastics for corporate clients. In the 1960’s, it expanded into North America, and has been conducting business development worldwide. Today, Kuriyama Holdings is developing businesses globally in cooperation with 5 core operating companies.

In May 2015, Kuriyama expanded into Europe through the acquisition of TIPSA, furthering its capabilities in manufacturing operations.

Kuriyama Australia Pty Ltd’s main goal is to continue adding value to the Kuriyama Group by providing the Asia Pacific region customers a wide range of products and excellent customer service.

Kuriyama Australia Pty Ltd’s portfolio includes well established brand names such as OROFLEX, ARMTEX, GENFO, VIPER, TIGERFLEX, KURI TEC and many more. These recognised brand names have become a reference in the industry.